Celebrating Love at all stages

JL Loves love & is ready to celebrate it with you two love birds through activities that are tailored to both your personality styles! JL also has plenty of awesome date ideas to try as well!



Covering all kinds of solo moments

JL's solos got you covered at all angles with graduations, maternity, boudoir, model portfolios & More

*If you are business please see the business section for portraits


Family (Groups)

Never miss out on family memories

JL believes that every moment is a photo moment. Family BBQs, anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations of life, beach days! All moments are photo moments!



Love your pet with a special pet day + Photoshoot!

JL Loves animals! & most importantly JL knows how to capture your pets personality with a breeze! JL takes the dogs to trails, cats on trails or in home and it don't stop there, we even got all your farm animals covered too!